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Mr. Dick Simmons,
Honorary Chairman
Men's Huddle International

Dr. Roberto Miranda interviews Dick Simmons of MEN for NATIONS Prayer Embassy on Capitol Hill Washington, DC

The Men’s Huddle International is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dick Simmons as our new Honorary Chairman.



Mr. Simmons is a Kingdom building intercessor who has impacted the globe. He stirs hunger & faith for Divine intervention by honoring God’s power throughout church history of those who prayed and obeyed. His Biblical clarity imparts discernment, strategic precision and intentional purity into God’s call to co-labor in redemptive intercession.  At 87, he still challenges men to “Awaken the dawn - in the womb of the morning” to birth the next Great Awakening!

Mr. Simon founded "Men For Nations," an international prayer ministry head-quartered on Capitol Hill in a strategic location next to the Supreme Court. For more than several decades Men For Nations has been led by Richard Simmons. This ministry has had a calling to mobilize men for early morning prayer.


Years ago, God gave Dick an assignment to mobilize 500,000 American men for 5 A.M. – 7 A.M. daily prayer to protect America from destruction and to usher in revival. As part of that vision nearly 30 years ago Dick was led by God to purchase three condos directly across from the U.S. Supreme Court and close to the U.S. Senate Office Buildings.


He lives with wife Barbara in one of the condos, another he uses for a prayer center and broadcast studio, and the third he uses as a dorm for male prayer mobilizers. Over the past 15 years Dick has acted as an ambassador for prayer on Capitol Hill. For example, for several years now Dick has been discipling some of the Senators, Representatives and lobbyist in prayer, and as a result these men are now more active than ever in mobilizing their colleagues to pray. Dick calls his facility “Capitol Hill Prayer Embassy” which it truly is! In Brooklyn New York,


Dick Simmons assisted David Wilkerson in launching TEEN CHALLENGE, one of the first narcotic centers for teen-age addicts in the nation, by serving as its first director. Dick founded the M-2 Man to Man Job Therapy program. Since then, the program has spread to 15 states and three nations. In 1980 Dick was appointed by President Reagan to the Justice Task Force. In this capacity he advised the administration on how to best mobilize the private sector to tap the volunteer potential of the American public.

Honorary Chairman

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