Hampton Roads High School Football season opened with
a star-studded doubleheader at Darling Stadium

by Andy Hilton, recruit757


The 2019 high school football season as a tremendous success. The funds raised by the doubleheader will serve the community for the other 51 weeks of the year. Men’s Huddle International underwrote the event and will expand their work in the community, starting with Lake Taylor, Maury, Phoebus and Bethel High Schools. MHI leads programs in the public schools that include mentoring, character building and leadership. Ultimately, the goal is to enable young people to become successful adults, both in the classroom and in life. We will highlight more of the activities of Men’s Huddle International as we get closer to the event. Mark your calendars now for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. That’s Saturday, August 31 at Darling Stadium in Hampton.

– Andy Hilton

Andy Hilton – CEO and Founder of recruit757

Andy has over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, plus a lifetime of experience as a fan of football. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Andy has a unique appreciation of the history of high school football in the region, plus the experience in communications and marketing to bring the local side of the game to life on the web. Andy and recruit757 provide scouting service to dozens of colleges, including competitive information on regional high school talent to the colleges actively recruiting in the area. Andy spearheads recruit757’s mission that benefits local athletes and gets them the college scholarships they deserve. Andy leads scholarship workshops that educate parents and players about the recruiting process, and he runs camps that allow college coaches to connect with local players and football programs.

Why MHI is Hosting the recruit757 Kickoff Classic?

Men’s Huddle International has a history helping humanitarian organizations improve the welfare of local, regional, national and international communities. Through its relationship with recruit757™, MHI connects regional high school athletes with opportunities for higher
education. Together these efforts will be leveraged  to provide better outcomes in community service, education and athletic ventures at participating schools. We understand the importance of football in the lives of young athletes, not just as a team sport, but as a catalyst to develop character, overcoming obstacles and serve as a means to promote responsible citizenship.  In the game of football young athletes learn to prepare for the game of life.

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