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Men's Huddle International  is an innovative grassroots organization that has an organizational structure that promotes quick growth. You can also be a part of this growth  in your neck of the woods. Here is the traditional organizational structure:

In this structure, everything flows down. There is a main individual or group and everyone else falls below that individual or group. This is more of an hierarchical structure. Men's Huddle International is different in that we have a head office (based in Washington DC), but beyond that our organization is comprised mainly of different Huddles (or as some organizations would consider chapters).

For example, though we have our head office based in Washington DC, we also have a Hampton Roads, Virginia Huddle, which falls under the auspices of Men's Huddle International.

How is Each Community Huddle Structured?

Each Community Huddle consists of a group of 12 businesses or organizations (following the example of Jesus' disciples), led by men who are doing work in their community to better the lives of it's citizens. These organizations then work together to encourage integrity and  excellence while leveraging their joint resources as a team to serve others.

Each organization is autonomous in every way, but as they come together, there is much more that each can do (the sum of the total is greater than the individual parts).

Features of each huddle include: Regular prayer times - The Hampton Roads, Virginia Huddle for example, has a daily 5:00 -  6:00am prayer call each weekday. There are monthly meetings in which the leaders of the huddle come together to discuss developments  in the various organizations/ministries and share ways they can serve together or lend support to what others in the huddle are doing.

Here is another example of how the Community Huddles work in one area: In the Hampton Roads Huddle, there are several organizations doing fine work in the community - All Pro Dad, Recruit 757, Going to College is EZ, Global Community, Urban Stock House, etc., (totaling 12 organizations). Apart from these organizations there are also several men who are not leaders of organizations, but are interested in serving others. They are also a part of the Community Huddle. This group is involved in working together under the Men's Huddle International banner, while still maintaining their individual brands.


What are the Requirements for Becoming a Part of a Community Huddle?

We ask that each individual wishing to be a part of a huddle do four things:

  1. Complete a short application form

  2. Complete an agreement to our statement of Faith

  3. Complete our Code of Conduct

  4. Make a donation to the central office of $100 per year.

What is the purpose of the donation?

The donation to the central office will help us to provide resources to all our members. Resources include printed literature as well as video resources that will be included on our website to help men facing several issues, addictions, etc. Men are often embarrassed to share certain problems with others, but in the middle of the night, for example, they can go to the resource page and find help.

I want to be a part of a huddle but there is no group in my area.

This is the beauty of the structure of Men's Huddle International. You may connect with a few other men in your area and form a new Community Huddle. There are special forms for the Quarterback of each huddle to complete to launch a new Community Huddle, an organizational charter. and an interview process with the Quarterback.


We want to maintain the integrity of the organization across all Chapters, and so it is important that we become well acquainted with the organizational Quarterback. We know that there are men who have been in the trenches working in men's organizations for many years. Men's Huddle International is providing a forum for these community leaders to huddle with other valuable men's ministries to serve our communities for Christ.

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