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The Movement

Men’s Huddle International is a unique platform outside of the church,
where we’ve seen men receive BREAKTHROUGHS in many areas.
Our Vision

To seek God through Holy Spirit inspired worship, biblical preaching, individual & corporate prayer and the reading of God's word. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Men’s Huddle International is to help men overcome life's challenges and prepare them for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Our Values
To make a  purposeful effort to provide meaningful Christian worship, teaching, nurturing, and fellowship that will meet the spiritual needs of both young and older men who are disconnected in our community.


The Men’s Huddle International is a Christ-centered gathering of men which seeks to educate, equip, motivate and train men to overcome spiritual, physical and emotional challenges to biblical manhood. 

Formed in 2017 under the leadership of Larry Hales, the Men’s Huddle provides opportunities for accountability and relationship building among men of like faith. The assembly of men herein called The Men’s Huddle International, is the primary place for fellowship and distribution of relationship training materials designed to facilitate personal leadership and fatherhood in the home, church, community, and workplace. 



Using a sports analogy associated with football, the Men’s Huddle International seeks to help men bond in a non-threatening atmosphere that men understand. Through male acceptance and connection promoted by the gathering of real men equipped to promote a peaceable lifestyle, the Men’s Huddle International meets needs by positioning men on a holistic playing field that awakens their hidden potential to overcome life’s challenges by drawing from biblical counsel, experiences and research. 

Men’s Huddle International leaders through scripture-based teaching strive to foster personal, spiritual, financial and relational well-being in men. These behavioral, spiritual and physical deposits in the life, spirit and psyche of men foster a desire to be faithful and committed fathers and contributors to society. 


The Men’s Huddle International formally incorporated in 2018 with the election of a slate of officers to act on its behalf on July 28, 2018. Global Entrepreneur, Larry Hales serves as Founder/President with fellow officers, Delmar Gillette, Dr. Phillip Lucas, Larry Messinea and Dr. John Lamar.

Prior to its formal inception as Men’s Huddle International, members of the Huddle engaged in a variety of community projects designed to alleviate suffering and make a difference in the lives of others. Below are just some of the projects completed:

  • In 2018, the Men's Huddle International became a strategic partner with the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy, to develop young athletes into outstanding athletes of great character.

  • Provided $230,000 for food and meals...

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